Planetary transits for October 2022

Planetary transits for October

❧ Venus combust the Sun Oct 1 – Oct 30
❧ Mercury direct in Virgo Oct 2
❧ Pluto direct in Capricorn Oct 9
❧ Full Moon in Pisces Oct 9
❧ Mars in Gemini Oct 16
❧ Sun in Libra Oct 17
❧ Venus in Libra Oct 18
❧ Sun/Venus within 1° Oct 19 – 26
❧ Saturn direct in Capricorn Oct 23
❧ New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Libra Oct 25
❧ Mercury in Libra Oct 26
❧ Mars retrograde at 1° Gemini Oct 30

What an exciting month this looks to become!

Last month was one of opposing energies, influenced by the many retrograde cycles that were taking place. This month we will feel like things are starting to move forward again, of getting over the speed bumps of last month’s transits. However, there will be plenty of friction this month as well, but in other shapes and forms than what we might’ve experienced these past weeks.

Three planets going direct in October – things are moving forward again

First and foremost, we have three planets going direct this month, starting off with Mercury going direct in Virgo October 2nd, followed by Pluto and then Saturn moving direct in Capricorn October 23rd. This can provide a new zeal for work, of wanting to get projects moving and to get on with whatever has been, perhaps, put aside for the time being.

planetary transits for october 2022

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Mercury exalted in Virgo in October

Mercury is still in its exaltation sign for almost the entire month, so this is a great time for prioritizing tasks and optimizing our work flow. Mercury here is really in its element, promoting our organizational skills and analytical abilities, so make use of this force while its strong!

Challenges for Venus continues – Venus combust the Sun

Venus moved into its sign of debilitation, or weakness, when it transited into Virgo last month, and the challenges for Venus keeps on coming during this month as well, as Venus will be combust for the entire month, and well into November.

Combustion is the name for a phenomena in vedic astrology when a planet transits within close proximity to the Sun (as seen from the earth) and quite literally means the planet in question will be burnt by its proximity the rays of the Sun.

This is said to weaken said planets’ capabilities and in the case of Venus, the Sun is also its natural enemy, putting it through an increased amount of stress. This stress is brought to its head between October 19th – 26th, when the two moves within one degree of each other, making the stress evolve to what’s called a ‘planetary’ war’.

There is lots to be said about this, but my most prominent take on this is that this will be a time of purification processes, in this case it’s Venus being purified by the (harsh) rays of the Sun, scorching away any impure motives or any inclinations toward shallow needs, purifying the desires of Venus within the rays of truth, or dharma.

This month provides a great opportunity for a cleanse, or detox (Venus rules our desire for sugary things) – and not just physically, but materially as well. Venus is the most materialistic of the planets and is the one that loves shiny things, so this is a great time also for sorting out any material objects that no longer serve a purpose or have a given place in your house anymore.

Saturn direct in Capricorn October 23rd

Saturn starts to move direct at 24° Capricorn on October 23rd, slowly starting to gain speed and making us want to move forward within our work and the practical structures of our life and society. Capricorn is an earth sign that deals with work as well as material gains, but also authority and government, so when Saturn starts to gain momentum we can see more focus on those areas in our lives as well.

What insight did we come to while Saturn was retrograde this summer that we want to adhere to or implement going forward – in our personal life; our work, our individual autonomy or in the society at large?

Both Capricorn and Saturn deals with personal authority, (self-)respect as well as excelling at ones chosen field, so this is a time for working with determination toward set goals. Both Saturn and Mars have a strong influence on us right now and both are currently transiting earth signs, so this provides extra focus and discipline in regards to all material things.

Eclipse season begins on the New Moon October 25th

The new moon later this month will be the start of this autumn’s eclipse season, starting off with a new moon and partial solar eclipse in Libra on October 25th. During this new moon the Sun will be positioned just barely within reach from the south node, Ketu, so this will not be a full-scale eclipse, yet eclipses have a way of affecting us on an emotional level or through sudden shifts in consciousness.

Eclipses affect the luminaries in the sky by encasing them in shadow for a short while, after which they are able to cast their light upon us once again. Respectively, the eclipses can bring things from our shadow sides to the surface, out of the shadow into the light for us to notice and act on accordingly. Oftentimes this can result in intuitive thoughts and ideas or sudden changes in attitude towards something.

Take note of any thoughts or ideas that may rise for you during the days before, after and on the day of the eclipse, but perhaps wait to act upon them until after the eclipses has passed since they also can affect, or cloud, our judgement.

With the solar eclipse in Libra, this has to do with our relationships and connectivity. Libra is an air sign that deals with communication and our ability to compromise, so the eclipse can bring issues to the forefront in regards to those areas, generally speaking. This is the second cycle of eclipses occurring on the Aries/Libra-axis, after the lunar nodes changed signs back in March. Think back to what you were experiencing back in March, and see if there is something recurring now in need of healing. You can visit this post here for more information about what this means for your sign specifically.

Mars retrograde in Gemini October 30th

Mars will start its retrograde journey on the first degree of Gemini October 30th, just barely touching the sign of Gemini before moving ‘back’ into Taurus once again. Mars retrograde in Taurus puts an emphasis on ‘doing the work’ and putting effort into our projects, of looking over what practical things we’ve initiated or put our energy into during these past two months and reviewing which daily routines to stick with and which to discard, to review if, and how, they support our long-term goals.

As a final note to this month’s update, I will say; use the energies of this month to really purify, and simplify, your daily routines! Whether it be focused on health and diet, getting rid of old, discarded things or looking over and prioritizing daily tasks, this is a great month for considering those practical actions that we do every single day and making sure that they serve their best possible purpose!

𝑰 𝒘𝒊𝒔𝒉 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒂 𝒎𝒐𝒏𝒕𝒉 𝒇𝒖𝒍𝒍 𝒐𝒇 𝒄𝒍𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒚 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒑𝒖𝒓𝒑𝒐𝒔𝒆! 🌟

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